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Rottweiler Carries 30 pounds Dumbell Around in It’s Mouth as a Toy

Dogs are like little babies. Like little ones, dogs love toys. That’s why many dog owners buy toys for their dogs. Because there are so many toys for dogs in pet stores. But sometimes, no matter how many toys there are, they attract to their favorite toy. But this Rottweiler is a completely different dog. Because this Rottweiler does not like any toys. He chose to play something really cool.

Image : twitter/portugi_buja

People use bodybuilding equipments. But you may have never seen a dog who using bodybuilding equipment. This is a Rottweiler like that. His name is Bonzo. Because his favorite toy is a dumbbell. Everyone is really surprised about this dog. He does not like to play with toys. Instead of playing with toys, he has chosen this dumbbell as his favorite toy. This dumbbell weighs about 30 pounds. But for him it was not a problem. He likes so much to lifting weights. You know that dogs are usually likes to the soft toys. But this Rottweiler is completely different.

Image : twitter/portugi_buja

Bonzo’s owner gave him chewing toys on several times. And he gave him heavy toys. But he did not like them at all. He is always attracted to dumbbells. So after the Bonzo’s owner uploaded this wonderful video of his on the internet, it quickly became popular. So everyone had the same problem. It’s about his teeth. Everyone questioned whether his teeth could really carry such a heavy load. There really is no problem with Rottweiler’s teeth from dumbles. Because he carries them with gum. That is, he keeps the dumbles on the gums between his front and back teeth. He also fell in love with Dumbbells a few years ago when his owner was lifting weights. As the owner lifted the weight, Bonzo also tried to lift the dumbles out of his mouth. So from that day on it became his favorite toy.

Image : twitter/portugi_buja

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