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Owner Sends Hundreds of Tennis Balls to Strangers in Tribute to His Beloved Rottweiler

Separation from the pets is not something can bear any pet owner. Because their pets are like their life to most owners. They love pets more than their own lives. So there is such a strong bond between dog and man. There is an unbelievably strong bond between some dog owners and dogs. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a Rottweiler owner and a dog.

Image : imso/Instagrame

Chris Sontag-Ratti had a Rottweiler dog. He is a very loving dog owner. There was a strong bond between him and his Rottweiler that could never be separated. Because he loved his dog more than his own life. But Chris had to face a dark day that every dog owner has to face. Because on the 23 January 2014, his Rottweiler closed his eyes forever. This dog is really like his whole life. So Mr. Chris’ heart was completely broken. He could not bear the separation of his dog. So from the day he lost his Rottweiler he did everything he could for the dog. So Chris did something he will never forget for his Rottweiler’s two year anniversary.

Image : imso/Instagrame

You know dogs love to play with tennis balls. So Chria decided to buy 100 tennis balls for his dog’s anniversary and send them to the dog owners. He also posted a status on social media about his decision. According to that status, his goal wasthe people who get a ball from him will use it to spend time with their beloved pets. He also thanked those who helped keep his Rottweiler’s memory alive. So unexpectedly this social media post caught everyone’s attention. Unexpectedly, hundreds of people cpntacted him to get tennis balls from him. He received orders from several countries around the world.

Image : imso/Instagrame

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