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Vets Decided to Put Down This Rottweiler Girl After Found on Street

The population of stray animals is increasing day by day in every country of the world. The main reason for this is that abandoning animals on the roads. Dogs and cats often face this fate. So many of these abandoned animals are being rescued by rescue teams. Some animals are lucky to live and some animals are not lucky to live. This is a story about a Rottweiler who faced such a difficult fate.

Image : RSPCA

One day a member of the RSPCA Animal Rescue Organization discovered something heartwarming. It’s an abandoned Rottweiler. He realized that this dog, found at Ashton in Harley Hills, was in the final stage of life. So he informed the rescue officers about this as soon as possible. Accordingly, a team of RSPCA members arrived at the scene as soon as possible. The dog was actually in a very weak condition. Due to the lack of food and water, her health had completely collapsed. Also, the condition of the dog’s eyes was not good at all. Pus flowed from her gums and the condition of her mouth and feet didn’t good at all. Moreover, even her spine didn’t function properly.

Image : RSPCA

They named her Rosie and took her to a veterinarian as soon as possible. After examining her, the vet said that her health was not good at all. The vet also said that all of these problems come with her over a long period of time. She did not even have a microchip to find her owner. However, the vet said that they can’t survive her life. So the vet advised put her to sleep on humane grounds. They guessed that the dog may have been abandoned on the road by the owner or a breeder. Because many people leave dogs because of health problems. Otherwise she would have been thrown into the street by a breeder because she was no longer needed them.

One thought to “Vets Decided to Put Down This Rottweiler Girl After Found on Street”

  1. Ohhhh this is just sooo sad. Poor, poor wee darlin. All she would have given her owner would have been pure love & loyalty. Some people are devoid of compassion & are pure evil. So very sad for wee Rosie. She is at peace now but this is heart breaking. Thank to the people who rescued her. At least she didn’t die a long, drawn out death on the street

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