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Couple Saved Big Rottweiler Who Got Stuck in Icy River at the Last Second

Everyone knows that the Rottweiler is one of the strongest dogs in the dog world. Also, their intelligence evel is very high. No matter how strong and intelligent they are, there will come a time when they also need someone’s help. So today we are going to tell you a story about a Rottweiler dog who got stuck in such a big problem.

Image : Bill Ordemann

None of us can stand the extreme cold. And if we get stuck in an ice river, we can’t stand it at all. But this Rottweiler faced such an incident. Bill Ordemann’s home was near the Riverside Park in Dolores. One day Bill Ordemann and his wife Karen Ordemann were talking on the phone with some friends. But in the meanwhile something unexpected happened. Their 2-year-old coonhound dog, George, began to bark incessantly. The Ordemanns realized that his barking sound and behavior is very unusual. He barked to the river incessantly. So they went to the river to find out why the dog was behaving like this. Then they saw an unbelievable thing. A large Rottweiler dog was drowning in the Dolores River.

Image : Bill Ordemann

The river was covered with ice and the poor dog was hardly trying his best to keep his head above the water. But they realized that the dog could not stay in the water any longer. So the couple decided to rescue the dog as soon as possible. Because if she is not rescued as soon as possible, her life could be lost. Mr. Bill used a ladder to approach the dog and tied a cable to her collar. He then, with great effort, pulled her shoulders over the ice edge and Karen tugged from the shore. She was shivering from the extreme cold. She couldn’t even move. She is a very large dog weighing about 300 pounds. They then informed the dog’s owner as soon as possible. She went to the Ordemanns’ house as soon as possible and the dog was freeze because of the extreme cold. She is a 12 year old dog named Kelly. Kelly was so cold that Icicles dangled from her furs. So they warmed up the Rottweiler for about two hours.

Image : Bill Ordemann

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