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Group of Cyclists Save Dog Tight Tightly to Tree in Forest Without Foods or Water

We all know that the dog has been man’s best friend since ancient times. Because dogs never leave people. But people do not deal with dogs like with a best friend. Because the hearts of those people are not as beautiful as the hearts of dogs. And they do not know what kindness is. So many unkind people break the hearts of innocent dogs. Perhaps because of such people, dogs even lose their lives. This is also a sensitive story about something done to a dog by a man with such a rough heart. It really can’t even believe.

Image : Asociación Animalista Libera

Cyclists usually travel everywhere. They also often travel through forests. Cyclists are face very unexpected incidents when travel through the jungles. This is a story about a group of cyclists who faced such an incident. One day a group of cyclists in Portugal came across a very unexpected event when they were traveling through dense jungle. They saw a dog tied tightly to a tree in the middle of the forest. This dog was tied up with a short rope. That rope is so short that at least the dog can’t even lay down. No one can do such a thing except a man with a rough, unkind heart.

Image : Asociación Animalista Libera

The cyclists could not miss her because she was in a completely unsafe condition. The dog can’t even move its neck when they find the dog. At first she tried to hide from them. But then they fed her and won her trust. The dog was completely weak and skinny due to lack of food. She ate all the food they were given. Surely she must have been hungry for a long time. They continued to feed her. Meanwhile, a cyclist cuts the rope from around the dog’s neck. The dog fled the scene and no further information was received about her. It’s unclear what happened to her.

Image : Asociación Animalista Libera

But later they could to know that she was with a volunteer rescue team in Valongo. There she received the treatment and nutrition she needed. After a few days, her health improved. After she became a completely healthy dog, she was referred for rehoming. Many people came forward to adopt her and finally she got a loving family. So thanks to the cyclists she got a new life.

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