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A Husband Made His Wife Choose Between Her Rottweilers and Him. She Chose the Rottweilers

We have to make some difficult decisions in life. Because those decisions are so important to our lives. But if someone tells us to choose one of the two we love the most, we get into a really big problem. Because we can’t guess who to choose. So this woman also faced a similar incident. She had to choose one between her husband and the Rottweilers.

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Kath Miller is a young protector of animal rights. She is also a Rottweiler lover. She lives in California, USA. Like every young woman, she dreamed of marrying her husband and living a very loving life. But none of that was as beautiful as she thought. She was a Rottweiler fan so she had three Rottweiler dogs. So she used to spend more time with them in her daily life. That is to take care of them. But her husband did not like her habit. So, over time, problems were developed between the two of them. Kath and her husband, Mike, fell in love for several years and got married.

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After the wedding, Kath propose to Mike to move to a large home with large backyard where could easily live with three Rottweilers. At first he did not like it but later he liked it. One day, Kath adopted two other Rottweilers from a shelter. After that the problem was exacerbated between them. Now she has five Rottweilers. All of them are like her babies to her. But Mike could not be quite anymore. So he said she, “you should choose one of the dogs and me”. But she couldn’t give up her Rottweiler. So she chose her dogs without thinking twice. She thought one day she would meet someone who loved her as well as her dogs. Because she has loved Rottweilers since she was a little girl.

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