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Joyfull Rottweiler Follows Hilarious Trick to Avoid Medicine

Many people think that the Rottweiler is a very aggressive disobedient breed. Many people refuse to adopt them because of their physical appearance and strong body. But the Rottweiler owners are well known of how sweet they are. Properly trained and socialized, Rottweiler dogs are obedient like little kids. This is the best example of that.

Image : Newsflare

Every parent knows very well that giving medicines to little ones is not an easy thing. Because they do not like medicines at all. Some dogs are also like little ones. They also do not like medicines at all. So it is a very difficult responsibility for dog parents to give them medicine. This Rottweiler named Brutus is one such dog. He does not like to take medicines at all. He is a very joyfull fur boy. Brutus had some bone issues and he had to take several pills a day. Therefore, the owner had to follow various strategy to give medicine for the dog. Sometimes the owner promises to take him out if he takes medicine. But Rottweiler does not care it at all. Brutus is well aware when his owner is going to give him medicine.

Image : Newsflare

One day something wonderful happened. The owner wanted to give medicine to the dog somehow. So he put five pills into the dog’s mouth. But he never swallowed those pills. The stubborn Rottweiler boy devised another wonderful strategy to avoid medicines. He lay on the floor as if he had lost his life. Maybe he just wanted to show the owner that he was closed his eyes forever. He laughed a lot because of this wonderful behavior of the Rottweiler. He recorded all of this. He said that he had never seen his dog play like this to avoid taking his tablets before. But the owner always gives the medicine for him somehow. Because it was an essential thing. He is also a very weak Rottweiler when he brought from a breeding home. So thanks to his efforts and patience, Brutus’ condition improved.

Image : Newsflare

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