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A Man Saved Rottweiler Pup Who was in The Freezing Cold With a Chip Bag Stuck It’s Head

Earth is not a world that only own for humans. The earth is a place that own to every living creature on earth. Man is just one of the most advanced animal species on earth. But many people think that the earth is a world that belongs only to human. It’s completely wrong. Innocent animals have to deal with a lot of difficulties because of what people do. In fact, it is not wrong to say that humans are lost the freedom of other animals. Today we are going to tell you a story about a Rottweiler dog who got into big trouble because of humans.

Image : Newsflare/Christopher-Flatfoot

Some people think that the earth belongs only to humans, but no one wants to protect the earth. Such people dispose polythene and plastic to the environment on a daily basis. Because of that polythene and plastic, thousands of animals face various difficulties. One day a Canadian man was driving in southern Manitoba. It was a very cold day. Meanwhile, he faced an unexpected incident. He saw puppy’s face stuck in a plastic bag on the side of the road. He saw the puppy was trying to get his head out of the plastic bag. The puppy was on the side of the road so this man could see everything clearly. He could easily recognize that he was a Rottweiler pup. He’s a stray wild Rottweiler.

Image : Newsflare/Christopher-Flatfoot

The puppy can’t see anything because of the plastic bag. So the man could not miss him. So he decided to help the Rottweiler puppy and he got out of the car and called to the dog. The dog heard his voice but could not see the direction to him. Realizing this, the man went to the dog through the snow. Eventually they met each other and he removed the plastic bag from the dog’s head. After that, Rottweiler’s behavior changed a bit. Because removing that plastic bag seemed like a huge relief to him. However, it is not clear what happened to the dog after that. The dog’s head may have been stuck in the plastic chip bag when he trying to lick it. So if the dog came to the middle of the road, he might even have been hit by a vehicle. So think twice before throwing things like this into the environment.

Image : Newsflare/Christopher-Flatfoot

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