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The Rottweiler with Just Weeks to Live is Completed Her Own Bucket List Before Say Goodbye

Dog is the man’s best friend. So man should also be the dog’s best friend. But dogs are not like humans. They love their owners untill the rest of their lives. Their love never change. Some dog owners are like that. Beloved pet owners are do anything for their pets. But some do not. Today we are going to tell you a story about a very beloved Rottweiler owner.

Image : Solent News & Photo Agency

Some people think that the Rottweiler is a very aggressive and disobedient breed. But well-trained Rottweiler dogs are very lovable. They are also very loyal to his family. Coco is a such Rottweiler dog. Symon Spencer and his partner Theresa Clancy fell in love with Coco. The bond between Symon and Coco has no limits. Coco is like his baby. So Symon didn’t think twice to bring everything his dog needed. She had no shortage of food and toys. But all of this began to end unexpectedly. One day, unexpectedly, Coco’s health began to collapse. So Symon took her to the vet as soon as possible.

Image : Solent News & Photo Agency

There several tests revealed that Coco’s health couldn’t be restored. So the vet said that it was the time for say goodbye to Rottweiler. She had only six more weeks to live. Mr. Symon and Theresa’s hearts were completely broken. But no one can change fate. Mr. Symon made a decision. He decided to make her last six weeks memorable. He made a bucket list of 30 fun things of she could to do. That bucket list included a day at the beach, a helicopter ride, a meal in a restaurant, a drive-through Big Mac, and a sushi meal and a lot of things. Coco was able to do all that. So because of Symon’s loving heart, the Rottweiler girl could to happily spend the last six weeks of her life.

Image : Solent News & Photo Agency

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  1. Rottweilers are truly beautiful dogs just lost my Rocco a few weeks ago hardest thing I’ve ever done but made his last day the best till we said goodbye for now

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