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Hero Rottweiler Protect Family and Property From Stranger in Middle of the Night

As we say every day, the Rottweiler is a breed that most suitable as a guard dog. Rottweiler dogs can be recommended to anyone as a gaurd dog for domestic. But they must be given proper training and socialization. You may have heard the Rottweiler is a breed that has been used as a guard dog since the time of the Roman emperor. And their another specialty is they are very loyal to their family. Today we are going to tell you about the heroic story of such a Rottweiler dog.

Image : KETV 7 Omaha Youtube

A house with two Rottweilers is a house with a high level of security. So Monica Anderson’s house had two Rottweilers. They lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa, part of the Iowa capital, Omaha. Monica’s two dogs gave a really good protection for their family. And the two of them are just as loving as the family kids. One night while Monica and her son were alone at home, something unexpected happened. A Rottweiler dog named Noah began to run crazily through the yard. And he started barking loudly. His behavior is really unusual. So Monica felt that something was wrong. So she carefully checked the yard. Then she saw a stranger trying to break into their garage.

Image : KETV 7 Omaha Youtube

Monica couldn’t think anything. She let Rottweiler go out. As a result, the dog began to chase the man. He wanted to escape from this giant dog somehow. He asked Monica to catch the dog. But while trying to escape from the dog, he fled. After that anyone could not find out what happened to that man. However, the interior and exterior cameras of Monica’s house clearly showed the man was trying to enter the house.

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