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A Woman Neglected Her Pet Rottweiler Without Foods in Her Own Property

Some people neglecting innocent animals unimaginably. Some people adopt dogs and after a while abandon them altogether. It’s completely wrong. If someone adopts a dog, it should be cared for to the end. If it is not possible to take care of them, the animals should be handed over to a shelter. But not everyone thinks that way about animals. Today we’re going to tell you about a Rottweiler dog that was abandoned by a woman.

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One day the ISPCA’s National Animal Support Service received an unexpected information. That’s one woman had neglected a dog in her property very unkindly. Officials from the charity arrived as soon as possible at the home of this woman, Justin Duffy, in Dromkeen, Auckland Heights, Donegal. Duffy is a 24-years-old young woman.They came to Mrs. Duffy’s house several times but could not find any information about the dog. But one last time they were able to find a female Rottweiler dog that she had neglected. Mrs. Duffy had left her completely in her own property. Officers were amazed after seeing dog.

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The dog was in very a weak condition. Her ribs, hips and spine were protruding forward. Moreover, her health was completely weak because lack of food and water. Officers took her to the charity after discuss with Rottweiler owner, Duffy. Finally she agreed to surrender the Rottweiler to the charity. They took the dog and started the veterinary treatment her needed as soon as possible. They gave her nutritious food she needed. However, they ordered Ms. Duffy to pay €725.08 to the ISPCA to cover veterinary costs because of neglecting her pet dog. Because no one has the right to abandon animals like this way. Pet owners should definitely feed their pets. It is also the responsibility of the owners to take care of them.

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