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Big Rottweiler Saves Two Little Dogs During a Flood

The Rottweiler is one of the 10 most intelligent breeds of dogs in the world. If you’re looking for a dog for protection in your home, the best breed is the Rottweiler. They have been very popular as security guards since ancient times. And they come forward at any moment for the protection of their loved ones. So today we are going to tell you another story like that.

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Floods is a major natural problem that facing not only humans but also animals. Loys of animal lives lost every year because of flood. Sometimes volunteer teams come to the rescue those animals. But some animals do not get help from anyone. One day, a huge storm blew across Barretos, a city council in the northern part of the state of So Paulo, Brazil. The storm caused to a flood. Many houses were caught to the floods and in the meantime several dogs in one house were stuck in big problem.

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The house was also flooded. Only a Rottweiler and three other small Maltese dogs were inside. The home-owners were not home at the time. Also, no one came to help the four dogs. Because no one saw them. Shortly afterward, a volunteer was passing by the house, he saw something amazing. That’s how the big Rottweiler tries to protect the three little dogs from the flood. He took the three of the dogs in a less watery area. But unfortunately one little dog was swept away in the flood.

Rottweiler really did his best to protect the puppies like a father. It’s really amazing. About a week after dogs reunited with their owners. The family also thanked Rottweiler for saving the lives of the little dogs.

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