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This Hotel Lets Guests Foster Dogs During Their Stay. Lots of Dogs Have Been Adopted

Some people do unbelievable things for innocent animals. But some people have the ability to help animals, but they do not. But not everyone is like that. We’ve always talked about Rottweiler dogs, but this is a different story.


For most people, staying in a hotel room can be lonely. Many people do different things to avoid this loneliness. Some people watch movies. Others read books. But a hotel in Mississippi found a wonderful solution. Named Home2Suites, the hotel partnered with a local Humane Society of south Mississippi to introduce this amazing program. They gave their guests the opportunity to raise a dog during their stay in the room. This wonderful program was called Fostering Hope and it quickly became popular among most people al over the world.


There they bring the dogs that stay in the hotel lounge so guests can spend their time with those dogs. They use for this dogs who looking for a new home. This is a great program as most of the guests who come to this hotel book rooms for as long as months. During that time there is a strong bond develop between guests and dogs. Many people find it very difficult to say goodbye to those dogs. So many people take those dogs with them when they leave the hotel. Eventually they adopt them. But If they wish to take home a dog they have to fill out an application and pay the $50 adoption fee at the hotel. According to them, a large number of dogs have been adopted in that manner so far.


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