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Thirsty Rottweiler Drinking Water From Dirty Gutter on Roof

Things like hunger, thirst, cold and loneliness are some of the common feelings of every animals. None of us can bear any of this for a long time. It is common not only to us but also to animals. But some people think that humans only feel these things.

They never realize that animals alao feel everything. Today we’re going to tell you about a Rottweiler owner who thinks like that.

Image : KDKA

Jennifer Lynn Scott, 36, is a owner of several dogs. Many dogs, including a Rottweiler lives in her house. She lived on Groham Avenue in Monazen. One day her neighbors saw something unbelievable in her property. Neighbors saw a Rottweiler and another dog drinking water from a gutter on the roof of jennifer’s house.

The neighbors were really amazed. Because most domestic dogs do not drink this kind of dirty water. Also it was a very hot day and the temperature that day was 92 degrees. Neighbors reported the matter to Monessen officials after the dog were on the roof for several hours. Shortly afterwards, several officers arrived at Jennifer’s home around 7:30 p.m.

Image : KDKA

According to information about the dogs, the officers who entered the house saw another unbelievable thing. Her house was a completely dirty place. In addition to the Rottweiler, several other dogs lived in that filthy environment. The dogs had no food or water in the house. So the officers gave them food and water.

According to neighbors, these dogs were chained for long periods of time and kept barking all night. It was also reported that they were hungry most of the day. Also, no dog was given the medication they needed. Officera took action about owner but it is not clear what happened to the dogs in the end.

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