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These Dogs Trying To Hide From Mom If They Realize Mom Is Getting Ready To Bath Them

Sometimes there is no difference between dogs and small kids. Some of the activities of the little ones are lot of joyfull. So some of the dog activities are also joyfull. To most dog parents, their dogs are just like their own kids. Some of the dog activities are really funny. Also, every dog have their own funny behaviors. Today we are going to tell you about two such a funny dogs.

Image : Theresa Milke

Sullivan and Sampson are two sibling dogs. Although they are dogs of the same breed, their behavior on water activities is very different. Sullivan is very talented dog at swimming and playing in pools, rivers and lakes. He also loves water. But Sampson is a lot different than him. Because he’s not usually a fan of water, said their owner, Mrs. Theresa. He has some limits regarding water. Sampson goes to a lake or river only up to his chest and only if his paws will touch bottom. But they both don’t like to the bath.

Image : Theresa Milke

They would stand firmly on a bed every time they felt their mom is getting ready to bath them. There they completely refuse to move. Otherwise they use various creative methods to hide from their mother. One day a very wonderful thing happened. Theresa got ready to bath the dogs and locked them in the bathroom. When she turned around they both were hiding behind the robes in the bathroom. It’s really funny. Theresa could not stop her laughing. The dogs wanted to hide from their mother. But Theresa did not give up. However, finally she managed to bath the dogs.

Image : Theresa Milke

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