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Beautiful Rottweiler Abandoned Outside Shelter Because of An Ear Problem

We are all very impatiently waiting for Christmas Day. Because Christmas is a very, very happy day for all of us. Sometimes Christmas is a day of joy not only for humans but also for animals. Some pet owners even bring Christmas gifts to their pets. But not all pets have such loving owners. Today we are going to tell you about a Rottweiler dog who faced a very unfortunate fate the day before Christmas.

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The Christmas season is extremely cold. A few years ago, a member of the Dog Trust Rehabilitation Center went to open the gates. When she went to open the gates around 7.30am, she saw something incredible. There was a Rottweiler dog tied to that gate. She could not imagine how this dog came to this place. But it was clear to her that someone had tied up the dog to the gate and abandoned. She took the dog into the sheltee and they checked the security cameras to find out what happened to the dog.

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There they found two men leaving the poor Rottweiler at the gate just before midnight. Accordingly, the dog had spent more than 7 hours in the cold and just lying there. However, members of the shelter took the dog for a veterinary treatments. Vet identified a major problem with a dog’s ear. This problem also caused to her head tilt. So maybe her previous owners abandoned her instead of treating her. After testing Rottweiler’s ear, vet said it was not easy to cure. But they did not give up. In the end, thanks to the vets and the shelter staff, the dog’s condition gradually improved. They also named her Beau.

Image : Fran Veale

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