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Big Rottweiler Comforts Stranger In Park Who just Lost His Beloved Dog

Although Rottweiler dogs are aggressive by nature, they also have a sensitive side to their heart. Rottweilers’ instinct is highly developed by nature. So they have the ability to understand any little thing very quickly. But for that they must be give socialization and training. Sometimes they are very loving. This is the best example of that.

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Nato is a well-trained and well-socialized Rottweiler dog. He is a very obedient and loyal Rottweiler. The owner of Nato is Dan McPierson. Nato used to walk with its owner regularly. So they went to the park for walk every day. One day while they were in the park, they faced an unexpected incident. One stranger came to their place and sat down on a nearby bench. This unknown old man was alone. At first, McPierson didn’t care about him because so many people came to the parks. But shortly after he sat down on the bench, MacPierson realized that Nato’s behavior was started to change. Rottweiler locked his eyes with him. The dog wanted to get closer to the stranger somehow. At first the owner did not give him permission to do so.

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But after a while, MacPierson realized that the man’s mood was not so good. Realizing that something was wrong, he allowed the Rottweiler to approach the man. There, something happened unbelievable. Nato started to lick his face very lovingly as if to comfort him. The man who had been silent for long smiled because of Nato. So MacPierson and this man became friends because of the dog. He then told, a few days ago his dog had closed its eyes forever. From that day on his heart was completely broken.

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After hearing his story, MacPierson also remembered that this man had come to the park sometimes with a female dog like Nato before. Maybe Nato has a memory about that. Natop really comforts his heart

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