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Two Rottweilers Protected Owner’s Horses From Unidentified Men In Middle Of The Night

Many people raise dogs for variety of purposes. Some people adopt dogs for pet and some for safety. So the Rottweiler is the most suitable breed for those who looking for a dog for protection. Because Rottweiler dogs have been popular as guard dogs since ancient times. They have been used as guard dogs since the time of the Roman emperor. This is a story about two talented Rottweilers like that.

Image : Tampa Bay/Youtube

Brena Kramer is a woman who lives in Zephyrhills, Pasco County, Florida. She loves animals soo much. So she had two Rottweiler dogs. She also had a horse barn. So she protects these two dogs as well as the horses as her own life. Horses can be sold at very high prices, especially in Florida. Therefore, these horses can be carried by anyone at any time. So the two Rottweilers helped her a lot for protect her horses. One morning her dogs started barking continuesly. Their barking voice were unusual and she felt something was wrong. She soon realized that the dogs’ sound were coming from the barn.

Image : Tampa Bay/Youtube

So she quickly went out to check what was going on. Just as she thought, the two Rottweilers were barking near the barn. Also the bulbs of the horse barn were turned off. She was completely confused. So she checked the horses as soon as possible. It was clear to her that someone was trying to take her horses away. Because the electrical connection of the barn was also cut off by someone. Also a rope was tied around the neck of one horse. It was finally confirmed that someone had tried to take the horses away and that the Rottweilers had stopped them. However, if there had not been these heroic Rottweilers, Brena would have lost her horses.

Image : Tampa Bay/Youtube

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