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Vets Decided To Put Down This Abandoned Rottweiler Puppy Because She Is So Weak

The every animal’s life is priceless in this world. Life is a life. It does not matter whether it is an animal or a human. But not all himan understand this. They think that animal life is not as valuable as human life. Innocent animals have to left this world because of some of the unkind things that such people do. Today we are going to tell you a story about a Rottweiler pup who faced such an unlucky fate.

Image : RSPCA

One day RSPCA rescue officers found a Rottweiler puppy. That was while threw with the rubbish in a cardboard box at Enfield in North London. The puppy was about three months old. After testing, they identified that this Rottweiler pup can’t walk. The condition of her spinal was not good at all. The puppy can’t even get up. At least she could not get out of the cardboard box. So her extensive spinal problem may have caused her to be abandoned by her breeders or owner. Because she cannot be used to breed or sell to customers with this situation.

image 02

Ms. Anna White, manager of the RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Center, said it was the most heartwarming thing she had ever seen. Her back legs did not work at all. And she is very weak. Her condition was not good at all and the veterinarians had to take difficult decision to put down this poor Rottweiler girl. It really can not imagine how such a puppy can be thrown away like garbage, on a busy London street in the freezing cold. If treated her problem at early stage, her life could be saved. However, it is clear that this little Rottweiler girl has faced many challenges and difficulties from the beginning of her life

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