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Dog Saves 7 Abandoned Kittens In The Woods From Sealed Box

Dogs’ instincts surprise us every time. Many people think that dogs can not understand everything. But actually they have the ability to understand many things. Their instincts often amaze us. We can’t really believe such incidents. So, today we are going to tell you a wonderful story about such an intelligent and smart dog.

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Banner is a Siberian Husky. He is five-year-old. He provides help and support as a service dog. Banner is currently taking appropriate care his owner, Mrs. Whitney Braley. He is such a clever dog that he quickly recognized all her problems. So this dog so much like to walk with his owner every day. One day while walking like that, Banner suddenly started behaving strangely. He stopped and heading into a close by nearby forest. Whitney could not imagine what was going to happen. She followed her dog. After walking for a while, she discovered something she had never expected. It was a sealed cardboard box. The banner went straight to this box.

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So curiously she opened this cardboard box. It was completely sealed with tape. She could not believe what she saw there. There were 7 kittens in the cardboard box. They were all about two days old. It is clear that someone did this to end the lives of the kittens. If Banner had not found these kittens their lives would surely had been ende. She could not imagine how the dog knew about the kittens. Whitney took the kittens home and adopted them temporarily. Banner took care of the kittens throughout the day. And he never left the kittens. As they grew, she began to search permanent homes for them.

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