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Owner Left Family Of Rottweiler to Starve in Dirty Property

Abandoning and neglecting of animals is one of the most unkind things in this world. Some people can not even imagine what will happen to their lives after throwing innocent animals. But some people do not even think about it for a moment. Today we are going to tell you about a Rottweiler family abandoned by an owner.

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RSPCA rescue officials received an information about a 30-year-old woman named Tracy Cliff had neglected her Rottweiler dogs. She had been abandoned these dogs unkindly. So officers went to Cliffe’s address on Eldon Street, Bury. Officers were completely surprised after they entered Tracy’s property. There was a large amount of rubbish in one corner of the yard and they found another Rottweiler. He was left his life. His body was completely thin. Nearby, a living Rottweiler was curled up in a ball. This dog’s mental level had completely collapsed. Because he did not respond to the officer’s words.

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When they entered the house, they saw a dirty kitchen full of garbage. Another Rottweiler pup wrapped in newspaper had been left on the worktop. He also left his life. Another adult hungry Rottweiler had eaten a pup. However, there had left only three dogs survived from the family of two adults and four puppies. That’s two puppies and a female dog. They all were very weak due to lack of food and water. So veterinarian had to be put down one pup. Eventually only two dogs were survived from all dogs. Ms. Tracy, the owner of the dogs, said they originally had 11 Rottweiler dogs in their home. But she said her ex-partner had been sold them.

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