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Puppy Tied In Deserted Dark Home and The Rope Dug Deeper Into Her Neck

There is no doubt that humans are the most unkind creature in the world. Most people have a heart, but they do not feel any emotion. So no one can even imagine some of the things they do. No one can let end of the life of an innocent animals. But some people do it very easily. The best example for this is people throwing poor dogs and cats into the streets and dumpster. This is a story about a man who did not have a heart.

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One day a rescue team received a phone call. The caller said he heard a dog barking continuesly. So rescue team went to the scene to check on it. They could not believe what they saw. A little puppy was tied up with a short rope in a basement of abandoned old house. It’s really a heart warming scene. She is still a little puppy. That house is an abandoned old house for a long time. There was no electricity, and the puppy had no food or water.

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Neighbors said the puppy had been barking continuously for days. But at first they did not think there was a dog in this abandoned house. The rescue team released the dog and removed the rope that tied her. They let her go wherever she wanted but everyone was amazed at what they were saw there. The rope had been tied so tightly around her neck that bedded into her skin. So the team took her to a veterinarian and gave her the treatment she needed. In addition, she was given nutritious food. However, if she had not been rescued, the rope would have become so tight around her neck that her life could have ended. However, no clear information was received about the person who abandoned the puppy. Thanks to the neighbors and the rescue team, her health improved completely. If you do not want your dog, never throw them away. At the very least, take them to an animal care center.

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