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Poor Rottweiler Girl Abandoned at Dumpster and She Was in Final Stage of Her Life

Most people do not realize that every animal has a right to live. So they respond very unkindly to innocent animals. Today we’re going to tell you about an unbelievable thing a heartless owner did to his Rottweiler puppy.

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Isabel Zapata, a local animal rescuer, often walks in streets for search stray animals. One day she saw something moving near a garbage dump in Florida while walking like that. When she went to check what it was, she saw something unbelievable. It’s an abandoned Rottweiler dog. She was very weak due to lack of food and water. Her body was covered with fleas and ticks. And she can’t lift her head or walk. So she called Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue as soon as possible and asked for their help. The group then agreed to take her in.

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She was really in the final stage of life. Maybe she thought no one would come to help her. However, a member of the rescue team said it was a miracle she survived. Because there are a lot of trucks going through there at high speeds. The rescue team took her to the vet, where they started several tests for her. There the veterinarian recognized that she could not walk. The condition of her legs and spine was not good at all. Everyone thought that she would never walk. When she was stabilized they transferred her to the Clint Moore Animal Center in Boca Raton.

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When the staff searched for information about her past, a lot of incredible information was revealed. At first, she did not have any problems with her spine. Her health was excellent. But what was people done to her changed her life completely. She has also been used to breeding for a long time. So the breeders threw her like the trash after took full advantage of her. However, they tried their best to give her a second chance. The veterinarians gave her a well-planned diet and treatment. He also gave her step-by-step exercise.

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Her condition gradually began to improve. They named this Rottweiler girl, Susanna. About a week after the rescue, they took her to the pool to test her footing. She began to walk across the water and all were amazed. So the veterinarians decided to bring her to the pool regularly. She became stronger day by day. Became a beautiful girl day by day. Now no one can think she’s a Rottweiler girl brought from a dumping ground. About a month later she started playing. Began to make companion with other dogs. How wonderful.

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