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Poor Dog Hugs Unknown Man Who Came To Rescue Him From Flood

We all can stuck in any problem at any moment in life. There are lot of incidents that we all need someone’s help. It is common not only to us but also to animals. The dog is an animal that needs human help. Because the dog is the man’s best friend and the man is the dog’s best friend. Today we are going to tell you a very touching story that touched the hearts of the whole world.

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One day a heavy storms passed through Alabama. The storm caused flooding in some areas and many people were escape ftom this flooding situation. Many people went to safe places with their pets. But some poor animals could not survive from the flood. So, a call received to the director of animal welfare informing about a poor dog that had been trapped in the flooding. After receiving a call director, Bill Banks, went to the rescue the dog as soon as possible.

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Mr. Bill did not know what kind of challenge he would face. But he did not think about it. Because he wanted to save this dog’s life somehow. Unfortunately the dog was trapped in a fenced-in space. Because of that he could not go to the shallow water. The water level was about four feet. It was not easy for the dog to keep his head above the water. The owner of the dog was not at home at the time of the flood and there was no one to help him. But someone who saw the dog trapped in the flood informed Mr. Bill about it.

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He searched for the dog, released it through the waist-high water and brought it to safety. He really did not know about the condition of the dog. When Mr. Bill approached the dog to save him, the dog clung to his body as if to hug him. So thanks to Mr. Bill’s selflessness, the dog’s life was saved. It is reported that the owner later came and took the dog to another place to prevent from happening this again.

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