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Old Dog Chained Up in This Small Cage For 13 Years Without Proper Foods or Water

We can never imagine how unkind the heart of some people is. Most people raise puppies very lovingly at first. But when starting the health of those dogs collapse or when those dogs become adults, they are abandoned them. But true dog lovers cannot do this. No pet owner can do this. But there are some people in this world who do not know what kindness is. Because of such people, innocent animals have to live very hard lives.

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Have you ever heard about a dog who has been lived in a cage continuously for 13 years? This is a story about such a dog. This dog hadn’t eyes. He cant see anything clearly. He also lived in a small cage. That cage was not enough for him at all. And it’s very dirty. But this helpless dog had been chained in that cage for 13 years. He didn’t know how is life in outside. One day rescue workers found out about this dog. They went to the place for the dog as soon as possible and they were amazed at what they saw there. It’s like abandoned property. He had no water to drink or food to eat. They couldn’t imagine how much difficulties he had faced.

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This is not the life that innocent animals deserve. They pulled the dog out of the cage and his body was severely weakened due to lack of food. So the rescue workers fed the dog and he started eating them very fast. It’s like never eaten before. It is believed that he was very hungry. His body was full of fleas and ticks. Rescue workers took the dog and gave him a warm bath and nutritious food. He was also given the veterinary treatment he needed. Then they named him Bunny and he gradually started to improve. Bunny walked for hours on the grass. Because he had not walked on the grass an about 13 years.

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Everything was a new experience for him. After Bunny’s condition healed, he was referred for adoption. Very soon this cute dog met a loving family. bunny’s past or eye problems were not a problem for the new owner. She really loves this innocent dog. So, he started his new life with s new dog friend and kind owner.

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