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Little Boy Refuses To Leave Stray Dog Who Hit By A Car. What a Kind Boy

Only kind-hearted people can make this world a beautiful place. Because there is nothing in this world that kind people can do. They are truly like a gift from God, especially to homeless and poor animals. Often, the hearts of little ones are full with kindness more than those of adults. This story is a great example of that.

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Syrian boy Hüseyin el-Hasan has faced more problems than anybody else in his life. In fact, he grew up with lot pf difficulties. He lives in Kilis, Turkey. Although he faces lot of problems in his life, his kindness has not end. Hussein proved that to the whole world. One day he faced an unexpected incident. He saw a street dog hit by a car near his new home. Seeing this, Hussein quickly ran to the rescue that poor dog. Hussein ran back inside the house. He then took his blanket and wrapped it around him to protect the dog.

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Hussein then alerted the grownups to call for help. What a kind boy he was. He did not think twice about sharing his blanket with an unknown street dog. Hussein did not left the dog until rescue workers arrived. After some time, the animal rescue team came to help the dog. They prepared to transport the dog to a veterinarian who was nearby. But they were too late. This helpless dog did not have the luck to live any longer. He closed his eyes forever. The boy did not expect this at all. His heart was completely broken. But in the last moments of his life, he received some kindness from this boy. It’s really great.

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Cuma zdemir, the city’s deputy mayor, visited Hussein’s home to honor for Hussein’s kindness and generosity. Zedmir said it exemplifies the highest qualities of humanity.

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