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Hero Dog Left His Life After Saving 7 People From Rubble

Dogs are always superheroes. From ancient time they have been very famous for saving human lives. You may know, domestic dogs will come forward to save the lives of their owners without even thinking about their own lives. Also, some dogs are specially trained to rescue lives. Because there is no technology that can match the instincts of dogs. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a brave dog.

image Credit : IBARRA

This heroic dog saved 7 human lives and then closed his eyes forever. Dayco is a four-year-old white Labrador dog. Dayco is a dog in the dog section of the Ibarra Rescue Department, is a very talented dog. One day, a 7.8 magnitude quake struck off the the coast of a Latin American country. At least 650 people lost their life because of this incident. Thousands lost their homes and property. About 48 people went missing. Rescue teams eventually worked day and night to rescue people who trapped in the rubble. Rescue dogs were also used for this and Dayco was one such dog.

image Credit : IBARRA

So Dayco saved seven lives since the day he started rescuing people. Accordingly, he found seven people alive. Deco served as a rescue dog for two and a half years. But he did not have the luck to live any longer. He left his life very quickly due to long working hours and a lack of water. The dog’s health started to collapse on the way back to their base. They took the dog to the vet as soon as possible. Vets tried to resuscitate him. But unfortunately it did not succeed. So in the end he closed his eyes forever as a hero. In fact, he gave up his life for the human lives while on duty. He’s really a superhero.

image Credit : IBARRA

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