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Rottweiler Mom Gives Birth To 15 Puppies. Owners Were Surprised

The Rottweiler is one of the most fascinating dogs in the dog world. Their instincts, physical strength, intelligence and large body are the main reasons why they are popular all over the world. The average healthy Rottweiler mother can gives birth to an average of 6-10 pups at a time. But some Rottweiler mothers have given birth to very large litter of pups at one time. So today we are going to tell you a story about such a mom dog.

Image: SWNS

Jessie is a very loving 2-year-old Rottweiler dog. Her owner, Eleanor, loved her so much. Many pet owners are happy when knowing that their beloved pet is going to become a mother. So Eleanor was also very happy after find out that Jessie was pregnant. But Eleanor had no idea how many pups Jessie was going to have. Ultrasound tests are also very expensive so she didn’t do that test for her dog. But she guessed Jessie would give birth to 6 or 7 pups.

Image: SWNS

Jessie’s womb grew day by day. Her due date also arrived day by day. But one night, three days before her due date, Eleanor and her husband heard an unrecognizable voice bottom of the stairs. Examining that voice, they saw that Jessie had began to give birth. She had already given birth to two small pups and she continued to giving birth. After giving birth to sixth pup, Eleanor thought it was over. But she is completely wrong. To her and her husband’s surprise, Jesse gave birth to15 adorable pups. She delivered pups for seven hours. Jessie actually surprised his owners. Eleanor and her husband were even more amazed to learn that their Rottweiler girl had broken the record for the second-largest litter in the UK.

Image: SWNS

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