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Owner Tied Heavy Rock To Poor Dog And Threw It Into River

Most people said that humans have an advanced mind that can think of everything, but actually not everyone like that. Actually some people can’t think anything. Advanced-minded people never respond unkindly to innocent animals, such as dogs. Because they are so innocent. But not everyone understands about this. Today we are going to tell you about what such a unkind man did to an innocent dog.

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Jane Harper is a very loving dog owner. One day she was walking with her pet dogs along the River Trent in Forden, Nottinghamshire. There she encountered an unexpected incident. She heard the voice of a poor dog. She knew about the dogs very well and realized that the dog needed help. So she stopped to investigate it. Then she saw a helpless dog holding only its head above the water to breathe while the lower part of its head was under the water. The dog really difficult to stand with the waves.

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She tried to pick up the dog as soon as possible but it was not easy. Because someone had tied by it’s leash to a heavy rock. So Harper requested the help of others to rescue her. After much effort, the dog was rescued and plastic bag containing a rock weighing 34.7kg was tied to an around Bella’s neck. The person who did this really hasn’t a heart. At first she wasn’t responding. The dog’s health too weak and the dog was taken to a veterinary center for treatment. There she recieved healthy foods. And her condition gradually developed.

image : RSPCA

In 2010, a microchip attached to her, Bella, was found to be the owner of the dog. Officers then began searching for the person who had done this to the dog for appropriate action about him.

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