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Baby Elephant Can’t Stop Following Her Human Mom Who Saved Her Life

Not ony dogs but every animal in the world loves to be loved. Animals feel when someone loves them. Elephants are another intelligent animal species in this world. They also understand everything very well. The story of this little baby elephant is a good example of that.

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Moyo is a little baby elephant. This few days old little baby elephant abandoned by her pack. There was no one to protect her. She still does not know the things of this world. One day she drowned while trying to cross a flooded river. But she was not so unfortunate. Fortunately, the Rangers saw her and came to save he innocent life. The Rangers took Moyo to the ‘Wild Is Life’ sanctuary, where she really got a new life on that day on. She got the love she had not experienced before. Roxy Dankwarts, the founder of the sanctuary, became the new mother of innocent Moyo.

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When time was passing, Moyo really started behaving like her baby. Moyo started following Roxy everywhere she goes. She loved Roxy so much that she even knew Roxy’s voice and smell very well. She had a very unusual love affair with Roxy. But as Moyo grew older, it became a real challenge for her to control him. But her body size did not care to Moyo. She continued her raids around the house. Moyo could never separate from her human mother, Roxy. Thanks to everyone she got a new life and protection. She thought Roxy is her mother. Roxy really cared her like a mother.

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