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Tearful Dog Doesn’t Understand Why His Family Dropped Him At Shelter

The heart of every dog is like a small kid. Their whole world is their owners. It’s like little kids to their parents. Little children do not like to be without their parents for a moment. So dogs also do not like to live without their owners. So it is never good to break the such an innocent, pure hearts of dogs. But not all owners think like that about their dogs. This innocent dog lived with such a ruthless owner.

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Blue is a very innocent dog who loved his family very much. He never thought his family would abandon him. Because his little heart trusted them so much. But Blue’s family is not as kind as he thought. One day they decided to move into a new house. Usually dog owners take their dogs and other pets with them when they move into a new home. But they didn’t. With the move to a new home, they they did not want him anymore. So they put him in a shelter.

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Blue did not understand what was going to happen to his life. Blue was left alone at home with no family he loved and trusted. He did not understand why his family had abandoned him. His heart was completely broken. He often began to shed tears. His heart-warming behavior broke the hearts of everyone in the shelter. Shelter staff tried to comfort him, but all attempts were unsuccessful. He refused even his favorite foods. All he wanted was the love of his family. He shed tears continuesly hoping that his family would come back for him.

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Staff shared Blue’s emotional story on Facebook with the hope that he would find a loving family. Fortunately, a woman with a loving heart saw Blue’s story. Jennifer McKay decided to make Blue and give him the love and care he needed. Her kindness and gentle love quickly healed Blue’s heart. The joy in his heart was reborn. He finally got a kind family worthy of his love.

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