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Young Woman Finishes Marathon Carrying Stray Puppy She Rescued While Running

Some people’s hearts full of kindness. They do not think twice to go over any limits for the well being of them. Also, many people stand up for the lives of innocent animals without even thinking about their own lives. This story is about a woman with such a kind heart.

Khemjira Klongsanun, a young woman from Bangkok, Thailand. She is well aware of the benefits of athletics. So she made it a habit to participating in all types of marathons, including professional. She especially loved athletics from a young age. But she didn’t know that one day her habit would save a life. One day she participated a local marathon. Do you believe, there she showed the whole world how strong humanity is.

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The 26-mile marathon ran through the streets of Bangkok. So while running across the streets, Khemjira saw a stray dog on the side of the road. She did not see the mother or a owner of this little puppy. So she couldn’t let go that puppy. By then she hadn’t even completed the seventh mile. But she decided to take the dog without thinking tiwice. So she ran with puppy in her arms for the following 19 miles. She had so much ability to let go of the puppy. But she did not. She carried the puppy until the end. Khemjira went to the spot where the puppy was found after the race. That’s to make sure her mother, owner or other sisters are there.

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But she had no one. She was there alone. So even though she did not win the marathon, she was very happy to be able to save a life during the marathon. Eventually the puppy went with her to her house. So an inseparable bond developed between her and the dog in a very short time.

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