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Owner Puts His Car Up For Sale To Save His Dog’s Life

Most kind dog owners do not think twice about going over any limit for their dog’s life. Dogs that get such owners are really very lucky. So we are going to tell you a story about such a lucky dog.

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Randy Etter is a very kind dog owner. Gemini is his beloved dog. Gemini is actually a very active and sweet dog. But suddenly the dog began to become lethargic. At first Randy didn’t care, but when Gemini started vomiting, he was really confused. So he quickly took the dog for treatment and the veterinarians deeply examined him. It was revealed that Gemini has several health problems. But no veterinarian was could to figure out exactly what the real problem was. Gemini’s condition was complicated. But Randy was never ready to give up his dog. Fortunately, the veterinarians could to guess what is the dog’s problem, after deeply checkout. That is, some small object stuck in the intestines.

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Later discovered that it was Randy’s girlfriend’s baby girl’s bottle. It it caused a blockage to the dog’s health. So veterinarians said it should remove very soon. But the treatments cost $4,500, and Randy did not have much money at that time. So he posted an add on facebook for sale of his car. In that post, he also explained why he was selling his car. A kind-hearted friend who saw the post gave him a $ 2,000 loan. Not only that, but fortunately the S.O.A.R.Initiative gave him another $1,000.

With that $ 3,000 he could to start the treatment his dog needed. Fortunately, all the treatments were successful and Gemini’s condition improved completely. So Gemini is a really lucky dog. Because not everyone has such loving owners.

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