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Heroic Homeless Pitbull Saves A Unknown Woman’s Life From A Man

Pit bulls are a type of dog that is rejected by many because of their appearance. Because a lot of people think that the pit bull is a breed of dog that is not suitable for domestication like Rottweilers. But even though the appearance is a bit harsh, pit bulls are also have a very sweet side. This story is the best example for that.

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This homeless pit bull dog who lived in Georgia became very popular all over the world as a hero in 2016. That’s because one day he came forward to save the life of an unknown woman without even thinking about his own life. This dog spend a leather life with a lot of problems. In fact, his life was full of problems. One day he was walking through Baldwin, Georgia he came across an unexpected event. That’s he saw a woman struggling with a man. She was desperately trying to escape from the man. At that moment the man suddenly took out something sharp. The dog realized that she needs someone’s help urgently.

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So he jumped into the middle of the man and woman without thinking twice. Then the dog barked to the man until he flee. He actually saved the life of that unknown woman. Maybe if the dog hadn’t been there her life would have ended in that moment. Her life was saved but the condition of the dog’s neck was not well. The dog’s condition was not good when two officers arrived at the scene. They took the dog for treatment as soon as possible. He had white gums on his neck and he recovered completely after treatments. Thanks to everyone, a new chapter began in his life story that day. Because they found a lovely, eternal home for him. He is a real hero.

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