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Kind-hearted Flight Attendants Break Protocol To Save Puppy’s Life In The Flight

As we say every day, kind-hearted people do anything for animals at any time. So today we are going to tell you about the kind-hearted flight attendants who broke the protocol during the flight to save the life of a little dog.

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One day Michele Burt boarded a JetBlue flight with her husband Steven and their three dogs, hoping to take a typical journey. Because it wasn’t their first time. That’s to fly from Florida to Massachusetts. They kept the dogs in carriers under their seats following the protocol on the plane. But they never dreamed that they would face a big problem in the next moment. They had a beautiful French bulldog named Darcy. Shortly after takeoff, Michele realized that Darcy had a difficulty of breathing. So she had to take the dog out of the carrier to check on what had happened to her beloved dog. So she had to break the protocol of the plane. She really knew about it. But she doesn’t care about it, she thought only about Darcy’s life.

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Darcy’s tongue was blue due to lack of oxygen. So Michele pulled the dog out and placed her on michele’s lap. Flight attendant Renaud Fenster soon noticed this. Unaware of what was happening, she told Michele to put back her dog. But when Renoud found out about the problem, he quickly rushed to help the dog. She soon realized it is a something serious. At first, Renaud and Diane, two crew members, tried to treat the dog with ice packs. But it did not really work. So Renaud was ready to make another decision
deviates from protocol. That is, bring a small oxygen tank and connect it to Darcy. Fortunately, Darcy’s condition improved after receiving oxygen. Darcy’s life was actually saved by two wonderful and kind-hearted flight attendants. It’s responsibility of flight attendants to pay attention to all passengers.

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