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Little Baby Wild Boar Thinks Retriever Is Her Dad

Every animal needs love and protection in this world. Mom and Dad provide protection and love for every animal from birth. But there is no one to give that love and protection to some animals. Because they hadn’t parents. And there is no difference between baby animals and human babies. This wild boar calf is such an animal. He also has no mom or dad.

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Biu Biu is one of the most beloved Labrador Retriever dog. Biu’s owner, Dora, says she’s a very loving and patient dog. One day Dora’s gardener finds a wild boar. She was in their backyard. After gardener brings the wild boar to Dora, they find out about the baby boar’s mother. But gardener said she hadn’t mom or dad. So Dora contacted the veterinarian for advice on this animal. Following that advice, she decided to adopt that baby wild boar.

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Dora named this wild boar, Yezhu. Dora saw how Yezhu was trying to befriend with Biu. Fortunately, Biu is a very gentle and patient dog. Dora noticed that the dog was also paying attention to the baby boar. Dora soon realized that the the dog would be a bigger help with Yezhu. Yezhu thought Biu is her father. She loved being in the dog’s warmth so much. As time went they could not live without each other. Yezhu became a good friend of Biu. They played together. Slept together. They spent the whole day together. And the way they use each other as a pillow when they sleep together is really cute. When the wild boar was growing, she has her own boar condo. She also grew from 2 pounds to 62 pounds.

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