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A Greek Restaurant Opens Its Doors Every Night To Stray Dogs

We cannot even imagine the kindness of some people. People with kind and beautiful hearts make this world beautiful. They are like a blessing to the helpless lives of this world. We are going to tell you about the kindness of people with such beautiful hearts.

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A restaurant taught the whole world what humanity is, in Lesbos, Mytilene, Greece. Greece is another country with a lot of stray dogs. Each day, these dogs are wandering the city for search of food, shelter, and warmth. No one sees the effort they put into living. But this coffee shop saw their helplessness. So the owner of this coffee shop opens it every night for stray dogs after all his customers are gone. In fact, those dogs sleep very comfortably on the seats in the restaurant. It is popular all over the world as a hot spot for stray dogs.

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This restaurant opens for stray dogs after all customers have left. It is a safe, warm place for them to spend the night. Dogs who wandering the city all day long are come to this restaurant for a good night’s sleep. How much better this is than the road sleep. Greek charities say there are more than a million of stray dogs in the Greek islands. So how good to have a small group of those dogs or something like this. It is an act of pure humanity. The specialty of the people of Greece is that many dogs in Greece without a permanent home receive a collar and are cared for by the community.

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