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This Little Boy Can’t Stop Hugging Stray Dogs

We are going to tell you a beautiful story about a most beautiful and kind hearted little boy in the world. The other day, a little boy on his way to school in Grozny, Chechnya. He met two stray dogs. It was common to see stray dogs on the road, but it was not common for him.

The two dogs were warming themselves in the morning sun. This little boy, called Ibrahim, stopped near the two stray dogs and gave them a sweet and loving hug. A resident of a nearby building spotted this hilarious act of little Ibrahim. So he filmed this and released it on the internet. Then the video became extremely popular around the world and everyone praised little Ibrahim.

A family friend said that Ibrahim is a really very kind boy. His heart is truly full of grace. Because not everyone can embrace stray dogs on the street like this. It must have a beautiful heart.

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