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Dog Don’t Eat Breakfast Untill He Gets Hugs From Dad

Dogs are an amazing animal of thr animal world. Dogs are the closest animal to man and they have incredible habits. Dogs have some amazing habits that are not even find in humans. Therefore, the dog has the ability to become the closest friend of man. Domestic dogs are often accustomed to the lifestyle of their owners. Those owners are also accustomed to the dog’s lifestyle. So, today we are going to tell you a story about a dog with an amazing habit. This dog needs his father’s hug every morning before breakfast. Let’s go look at the story.

Image 01
Image 01

Dash is a very adorable pittie dog. Mr.Ben Johnson met Dash as a shelter volunteer. The first time, Dash met Johnson in the back room of the Humane society, and even their first meeting was amazing. Johnson thought that Dash would be wary about strangers. But on their first meeting, Johnson sat on the floor near the dash. Then, Dash approached over to him and put head on his chest. Amazingly, he wanted a long hug from Johnson. So, he hugged Dash for about 10 minutes.

Because of that loving encounter, Johnson decided that Dash was the most suitable dog for his home. From that day on, he hugged Dash every time he met him. Or Dash pushed Johnson’s chest until he hugged him. After all Johnson permanently welcomed Dash into their family. There was a wonderful loving bond between them. The special thing is that Dash did not get breakfast without his father’s loving hug. So it became a habit of the dash. Everyday he wanted a hug before breakfast. It has been about couple of years since that habit began.

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He accustomed to the pre-breakfast hug routine. He needs at least one hug. In addition, occasionally he also refuses the mid-meal if he wanted extra hug. So his family is always ready to give hugs as he needs before meals.

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